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Activities all year round

From the Silltal holiday house you can do activities in the beautiful surroundings at any time of the year. A folder with tips is available in the house. Below you will find a overview of the many possibilities during your stay at the Silltal holiday home.

Winter activities:

In winter you can go cross-country skiing, skiing and hiking, but you can also go ice fishing, go on a snow mobile trip or go dogsledding. 

Hiking, even in winter

From the Silltal holiday home in Sweden you can walk straight into the woods along the beautiful walking routes in the forest. Either choose your own path in the snow over the frozen lake...... or grab your skates. More information is available in the house about hiking and skating in winter.


You can fish at Lake Ostra Silen in front of Haus Silltal. The lake Ostra Silen has many islands and reedbeds, the ideal habitat for roach, zander and pike. Near the house there is a boat ramp and a harbor with its own boat slip. The lakes Östra Silen, Westra Silen, Lilla Bör, Stora Bör, and Järnsjön are good fishing lakes....

Hiking in the woods

Op elk moment van het jaar kunt u een wandeling maken in de prachtige omgeving. Ze lopen vanaf het huis het bos in. De wandelpaden zijn goed aangelegd en goed onderhouden. Het huis heeft een kaart met wandelpaden waar u elk seizoen van kunt genieten en ontspannen......

Hiking ons the lakes's

In der Nähe von Ferienhaus Silltal gibt es viele Seen. Die Östra Silen, Westra Silen, Stora Bör, Lilla Bör, Bysjön und Järnsjön bieten wunderbare Wandermöglichkeiten..........

MTB Biking

In spring or autumn: enjoy the beautiful autumn colors during your biking tour at this time of the year in Sweden. There are plenty of good gravel paths to go on, straight through nature with beautiful routes and view points. Even in early spring, an MTB tour here is really worth relaxing, just like in every season of the year in Sweden.


In the beautiful surroundings you can cycle with your own bicycle or rent a bicycle. Or simply rail bike on old railway tracks through the unspoilt nature of Värmland and Dalsland, you will come to places where it seems as if time has stood still. The rail bikes, called Dressin in Sweden, have various routes through the wilderness, a great activity for a day out.


For your shopping you can go to nearby Sillerud with a picturesque church and a supermarket. The supermarket used to be a train station, but now you can buy beautiful local products or enjoy a good lunch here on the top floor

Food and Restaurants:

For shopping, grocery shopping, excursions or day trips you can go to Arjäng, Åmal, Svanskog, Karlstad, Säffle, Bengtsfors or Oslo, where there are cozy shops and restaurants.

Glaskogen nature reservat

Near Ferienhaus - Silltal is the extensive Glaskogen nature reserve with many lakes, rivers and more than 300 km of marked hiking trails. An ideal hiking area. You'll probably meet Sweden's most famous animal here: the Alg. More information: Glaskogen Nature

Canoe and watersport

Canoe and water sports right in front of the house. An aluminum canoe including life jackets is available at the house. If desired, you can also use a rowing boat on Lake Ostra Silen in front of the house. Your own motorboat? We have a slip and boat point for you.

Boat trip Dalsland canal

The Ostra Silen lake in front of the house is connected to the Nordmarken water system with more than 10,000 km2 of lakes and rivers. With a historic boat you can take a beautiful journey along old trade routes across the water. Or go on a long canoe trip in the nearby Glaskogen and Dalslandkanal nature reserves

Fishing in every time from the year

From spring onwards you can fish all year round, from a boat or pier you can fish in the lake or in winter on the ice with an ice drill and an ice rod. The ice catching device is available for you.

Relax in winter

And of course ... after a beautiful winter day there is still this centuries-old relaxation: ...... the Swedish sauna.


About 20 minutes by car from the house you can use a beautifully located 18-hole golf course with excellent facilities. In the surrounding area you will find even more beautiful golf courses in the most beautiful locations with natural obstacles, a challenge for every golfer. With your golf booking you will receive the locations in the region from us.

Animals near Silltal

Animals near Silltal: Many animals can be spotted in the immediate vicinity of the house, such as deer, foxes and squirrels. Great tits, finches and moose

Near the Silltal holiday home there is a local shop in a historic hay barn where you can buy nice regional products that you will not simply find in a store. Soap, honey, flowers from the region but also handmade products from other regions in Sweden, very nice to see att M&J Ladugårdsbutik in Bynn and..... the coffee is ready.

Västra Fågelvik

The famous church of Västra Fågelvik. This church is beautifully decorated and is beautifully situated on a headland in Lake Foxen and on a beautiful path to the Norwegian border. This church in Fågelvik was completed in 1860. Just behind the church, near the water, you can see how nature's influence has etched itself into the rocks over the centuries... a very photogenic place.


A nice excursion is the Krokfors lock near Bengtsfors. Here the lake Västra Silen and Östra Silen are connected by a double lock with a height difference of more than 5 meters. There is also a small kiosk to get something to eat.

There is a small-scale elk farm in Dalsland at the exit to Ed. Here you can see the elk up close and sometimes touch it. The elk farm is of course managed and maintained. At the Elanden Farm in Dalsland there is a nice shop with local products.


Båstnäs scrapyard. A Car yard is not at the top of most vacationers' wish lists when it comes to sights. However, there is one near Töcksfors in Värmland that is really worth a visit. There are around a thousand cars from the 1930s to 1970s in the scrapyard (Bilkyrkogård) in Båstnäs.

Oslo, Norway

Oslo is the capital and largest city of Norway. Oslo has around 698,000 inhabitants and is located in the southeast of the country, at the beginning of the Oslofjord. The white opera building is world famous and is close to modern buildings and the castle overlooking the harbor and the Oslo Fjord.

Halden, Norway

Halden is a beautiful town in the Norwegian province of Viken. The community had around 310,000 inhabitants, the vast majority of whom live in the city of the same name. The city, located on the border with Sweden, was once an important fortress town. The Fredriksten Ford is freely accessible and offers beautiful views of the city and the large Idefjord on the border between Norway and Sweden.

Solbergfoss, Norway

The Solbergfoss power plant is located in Glomma and has the status of a cultural monument in the field of Norwegian energy production. The power plant consists of two power plants. Beautiful historic buildings in a natural setting and a lovely route to get there.

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